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Taking Responsibility: How to Stop Feeling Stuck.

About this Workshop

People have always told you to be responsible and acknowledge your actions, but no one ever explains how to do that.

It is normal to feel stuck from time to time, as if your success depends on your context, your manager, the company you are working on, the opportunities you are being given.

Well, not anymore!

You’ll leave this workshop with a practical tactic on how to work in full responsibility and accountability for your actions. 

This will help you improve your self-awareness and trust so that you are able to unlock every problem that stands in your way. This workshop will bring you forward, you will be in control, ready to tackle any challenge.

Time to take action.

What you’ll learn

  • How o improve your self-awareness

  • A model on taking responsibility 

  • A tactic on how to get unstuck on a problem

  • Hos to ask powerful questions

  • What communication styles are best suitable to specific situations

  • Role play practice

Workshop facilitator

Duration: 4h

Next date:  to be announced

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