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Empathy to the Rescue

About this Workshop

Are you having trouble building trustworthy relationships? Do you find it hard to “read” people around you and understand their true intentions? 

Empathy is the main ingredient of trustworthy connections, connecting and belonging to a group is what we are as humans.

The best part of this skill is that even if you have never paid attention or simply didn’t care, you have time! Empathy can be learned, teached, practiced.

On this workshop you’ll understand the empathy’s role, learn how to practice empathy and how to improve it daily.

Grab the chance to understand empathy better while discovering what tools you can use to improve. You’ll learn a set of steps that can help you learn, improve and practice.

This is a key human skill to drive trustworthy relationships, to accept difference of opinions and learn to deal with everyday adversity.

What you’ll learn

  • What is empathy?

  • How to practice empathy?

  • Hacks and tricks

  • Role play practice

Workshop facilitator

Duration: 2h

Next date:  to be announced

On-site or remote

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