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You’re stuck. We get it.

You feel like you can’t progress in your career. You doubt yourself — as if no one trusts your abilities. We’ve been there.
And we have what you lack: the right tactics.

You’re struggling, and that hurts you.

That’s where we jump in.

You already did (a major) part of the job. You identified the problem and are willing to solve it. How?

With better human skills.

Actually, everything will improve: personal confidence, productivity, team cooperation, self-awareness, and performance.

You have the skills. Unleash them.

How We Got Here

Glad you wonder.

I’m Luís, a passionate IT Engineer who’s been where you are.
This feeling unlocked a new and odd possibility for me: to lead colleagues in technological industries.

And that’s what I’ve been doing in the last 20 years.

Before anything, I’m human.

I took the chance and risked the next step: producing and creating content (and tactics) to train and impact people. So that you, too, can master your human skills.

I’m a constructor, too.

I build bridges (yup, you read that right).

I cement paths between human and business needs, helping people and companies build environments to effectively receive and solve any challenge.

Trusted by Youmans

Humans trust us. Companies too.

“This experience made me consider new perspectives in relation to the way I face some of the current problems, not only in my professional life but also in my personal life. The creation of a mindset like the one presented to us by Luis is essential these days.”

Marta Silva, Bold by Devoteam

“I think this was a moment of sharing thoughts and trying to put me in other’s positions in real situations, and it made me think of it from other angles that I’ve never thought”

Sérgio Gomes, Techfirm

“In a world where time is often lacking, the workshop forces us to think about things that are fundamental for our personal and professional growth, but we don’t often think because there simply isn’t enough time in our days. In a few words, is a growth moment that should be more often valued and implemented by companies and individuals alike.”

João Maria Costa

“The workshop above all made me think of several situations and behaviors that I sometimes have during the day and that I didn’t even realize. And this was good for me because now I can get a better idea of that and also i have tools to deal with them.”

Samuel Santos

“Insightful – It mostly gave me a new perception of “what’s a problem” and the ability to better evaluate its impact and solution (if any!).”

Ricardo Santos

“I felt that the workshop was very well prepared and guided. Luís managed to encourage everyone to participate actively and share their experiences, but at the same time he had a great visual environment to guide the conversation in the intended direction. He managed to establish a productive environment throughout the whole training.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not satisfied?

Well, if you are not happy, we are not happy.

Our workshops, courses, talks have been prepared so that you have a great learning and practical experience. If you are not satisfied, we don’t expect you to pay, simple as that.

Drop us an email using our contact form here and we will be happy to assist and return your money back. As an alternative, we can book you in another of our workshops. Either case, you chose, it is risk free.

Your feedback is highly appreciated, improving is part of our business.

I have missed a workshop. What can I do?

We have a no refund policy for no-shows.

Each workshop is organized with a fixed number of seats available, when we have a no-show the dynamic of the experience is affected.

We know that unforeseen events might happen, so please drop us a message with the problem and we’ll evaluate the possibility to book you in the next available workshop date.

I am not an It engineer, but I am interested in attending a workshop. Would it be relevant to me?

All our workshops have been tailored according to the technology industry.

This means that the practical exercises we do are adapted and customized to the types of problems and challenges these industries face.

This does not mean you will not take advantage of it?Of course not! You will definitively learn, be challenged and face similar challenges!

Are the workshops recorded?

No. Each workshop is unique, each experience is unique, each example is unique. We want each of our interactions to be safe, transparent, open, so no recording of any kind is allowed.

What are the technical system requirements?

If you are doing a remote session as a workshop, you’ll need a PC, a headset or similar and a camera. Yes, we expect you to have your camera on, learning, being challenged, challenging and enjoying the session as the safe zone we want it to be.

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