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About this Course

Whether you’re already leading a team or planning to lead a team, on this course you’ll get a deeper understanding on what makes leadership effective and how you can improve to get there.

Join us for a practical approach on leadership.

This course is applicable for managers at all levels, aiming to improve capabilities and achieve better business results through their skills.

Successful leaders are able to transform organizations, improve employees engagement and happiness, enhance the creation of value and deliver better results. 

After this course you’ll end up with a set of tools, tips, and tricks that will help you anticipate, avoid, and revert problems on leadership.

What you’ll learn

  • Get to know you first

  • How to communicate

  • Empathy to the rescue and how it can boost your relationships

  • Tools & templates

  • Driving results

  • Keep the focus

  • Role play practice

Luís Monteiro

Course facilitator

Duration: 16h (4 days x 4 hours)

Next date:  to be announced

On-site or remote

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